The year is 2018, and Lifetime has decided to check up on the stars of the hit shows Dance Moms and Dance Moms Miami in the new reality show 'I Was a Childhood Starlet'. But times change, and the girls aren't the same as they were. But how much have they changed?

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Because both admins are swamped this week, and some of our players have messaged us about it too, we’re delaying the activity check until Wednesday. The same logical still applies, however. If you have posted since the Sunday since, you will be given a warning.

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Anonymous asked: I really want to apply for Kimmy but I'm leaving for Regionals this Friday till Thursday at the latest so I won't be able to RP if I do get accepted for a while.

You can always send your app in and ask us to hold it until we can accept you when you’re back.

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Message from Abby:

Your assignments this week are meant to challenge you, well, challenge some of you.

 A lot of you have been working hard lately, and I expect only the perfect routines. No mistakes, no problems. 

Some of you, however, have been slacking off, or decided dance just isn’t your “thing” anymore. Ha. Well, let’s just see if you fall on your face or not.

And no hiding behind other people’s talent, either. Stand on your own two feet, and let your talent (or lack of) speak for itself. 

The whole world is watching you. And more importantly, so am I.

Paige Hyland - “Whatever Lola Wants" (Musical Theater)

Chloe Lukasiak - “The Garden" (Contemporary)

Jordyn Jones - “Bring On The Men" (Musical Theater)

Brooke Hyland - “I Follow Rivers" (Contemporary)

Maddie Ziegler - “The Good in Goodbye" (Lyrical)

Hadley Walts - “Endangered Species" (Jazz)

Mackenzie Ziegler - “Pretty Wings" (Contemporary)

Lucas Triana - “But You Wont Do The Same" (Contemporary)

Sophia Lucia - “Chaos" (Jazz)

Dylynn Jones - “Youth" (Contemporary)

Annie Stein - “Royal T" (Jazz)

To earn the points for this assignment, you must write at least one chat starter mentioning the assignment, respond to your “message from Abby” (Which will be sent out periodically), and write a self-para of your characters performance (We will give a time frame in which to post this). This assignment is due by August, 21. 

Remember to tag your responses with “NSTDprompt” to earn your points.

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Anonymous asked: when are assignments coming out?

Hopefully today!


posted 1 week ago
Anonymous asked: I thought the challenge was due the 27?

Opps, I got my dates confused! My bad! I’ll fix it.

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Responses to the challenge are due next Sunday! Please make sure to get them in.

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Anonymous asked: please do a kathryn prescott fc! <3

I’m not taking FC suggestions unless they are paired with a suggestion for what Little Dancer they could play.

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Anonymous asked: how long after receiving an app do you accept?

We accept after both admins have read and discussed the app.

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Anonymous asked: You should totally get on the gossip blog! Some major gossip went down!

I will, love! 

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Anonymous asked: when will the next female bios be released?

To be honest, I have no idea. I’m working hard to finish Jade, but I know Drey’s working on Jaycee and Jenna.


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