The year is 2018, and Lifetime has decided to check up on the stars of the hit shows Dance Moms and Dance Moms Miami in the new reality show 'I Was a Childhood Starlet'. But times change, and the girls aren't the same as they were. But how much have they changed?

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Anonymous asked: Are you going to write a bio for Gino?

I think Beth is planning one for him!

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"I don’t know why everyone’s so surprised. I’m not as shy as everyone thinks! Just because I’m the youngest doesn’t mean I’m a baby or anything!


Jenna wasn’t a part of DJ’s Mix, but it never really bothered her. She got to go on America’s Got Talent with Fresh Faces, and she was known by many for the ways that she was able to bend her body. At first, she wasn’t as close to Jaycee and Dylynn as Brynn was, but all of the girls were quite good friends, all of them had been. However, as the trio started to feature in more and more of Alexa’s improv videos, it wasn’t long until people began to notice the three of them. However, Brynn’s family forbade her from signing the contracts, and instead, Jenna was brought in as a replacement. She started to fill the coveted third trio spot left open by Brynn, starting to grow closer to Dylynn and Jaycee as they went on more frequent trips to Hollywood. When they were contacted to audition for a movie, as the cast needed younger dancers than originally intended, Jenna was ecstatic. Their careers only grew from there. The roles got bigger, although all three girls promised to never take a role if all three of them weren’t equally featured. Jenna loved being a star more than anything.


It wasn’t that Jenna meant to get involved in partying or anything, it’s just that with little adult supervision on the sets of the movies they worked on, it was easy for three young girls to be convinced to sneak off with their fellow actors. With new people at every party, she didn’t have to be seen as the “shy one” of the three, she was just another girl. As long as it didn’t affect her career, why did it matter. It never occurred to her the reason their partying never changed anything was because of Dylynn. 


Although Jenna was a little annoyed Dylynn accepted Lifetime’s offer without asking them, she’s mostly just curious to see what it will be like. Besides a few episodes of AGT, Jaycee, Dylynn and her have no experience on reality TV. Not to mention, she was, at one point, somewhat friends with some of the Dance Moms girls and she’s looking forward to seeing them again.

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Okay, so Beth is back and ready to party! Just kidding, but I am ready to try and be a better admin, I’ve been working on Jenna Valenzuela for Drey and I hope that she can be released soon, but other than that, please come apply! We have plenty of roles open!

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