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I really want to start this back up again but it’s Drey’s baby and idk.

Have you seen the futureofdancemoms rp? I think it's similar to this one.

Okay, so I have seen futureofdancemoms-rp (I stalk the tags like, every day), and, to be honest, I don’t have much of a problem with it. Drey and I have moved on to Robichaux, and we have little intent of ever opening NSTD again. I don’t understand how they didn’t know about the RP, considering the fact that we were around since April. Some of their FCs seem too similar for them not to know us, ie Autumn Miller, Sarah Shepherd and Lucas Triana, and we used most FCs that they did but for different characters. 

The point of this wasn’t to shame or boycott FODM, but to say that the plot is great, and that I hope people go apply for them, but also come apply to robichaux. NSTD and FODM are two different RPs, so treat them like it.

If you admin another RP, then I'll definitely join!

We do have some ideas, but they may take a backseat to other projects we have now, like our 1x1 idea.

You should admin another DM RP!

Me and Beth are talking about it.

You've been closed for a week, and I totally miss it. Would you ever consider branching out into any 1x1s or things like that?

I don’t know, I’m planning on talking to Beth about continuing Claddie as a 1x1.

Will you be starting a new RP? You guys are great admins

Honestly, that would really be up to Beth. I know she’s admining allthemissingchildren-rp at the moment.

Your rp will be missed. Even though I wasn't a part of it, I've been following your bios since the beginning.

Aw, thank you, honey. I’m seriously going to miss it the most, especially the friends and the drama on here. 

You can't be finished! What about the plotlines? The claddie? The brookdon?

There have been no plotlines since the revamp, Nat’s bowed out so there would be no Brookdon, and, I’m going to surely miss the Claddie, because it was my favourite storyline to portray ever.

So, as much as I hate doing this;

I am going to close NSTD. The revamp isn’t working, and I’ve been too in and out of the hospital to try something new. I love you all, and it seriously hurts to do this, but it’s time. 

This revamp isn’t working.

This RP has been around for six months now, and we’re losing people. I’ll let Drey make the final decision, since this RP is her baby, but I think we’re finished.